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Give less, get more

€29 monthly premium

€500000 coverage every year

per person /month

per person /month

per person /month

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per person /month

MEDLINK health Insurance is designed to provide In Hospital coverage at the time you need it, anywhere you want it quickly and efficiently. By calling the 24-hour hotline whether you are in Cyprus or abroad we make sure that you will get the care you need without paying upfront.

Key points of Medlink Medical Health Card:

· € 500,000 coverage per year

· Lifetime coverage

· International coverage

· Free choice of hospital or clinic

· Direct payment in clinics or hospitals

· Covers Chronic diseases (if occurred after Coverage)

· Maternity Allowance

· International coverage during travel abroad

Regardless for your age with only € 29.00 a month, you secure your health!

Contact us today on 700 88 88 3 for a full update of Medlink health Insurance plan.

The information of this webpage is concise. The terms, exclusions, conditions and coverages are included in the insurance policy.